Founded in 1995, Thompson Recycle Company was originally a division of Thompson-McCully Company, the largest asphalt contractor in the state of Michigan. The company’s mobile equipment would recycle asphalt at Thompson-McCully plants, as well as servicing outside customers. In 1999, Thompson Recycle Company began operating independently under the leadership of John Thompson.

Road construction projects produce mountains of scrap asphalt, but that asphalt can be reused as a component in new asphalt mixes. Depending on project specifications, up to 50% of an asphalt mix consists of recycled product. It is both environmentally and fiscally smart for companies to recycle asphalt.

In 2012, Thompson Recycle Company added a screening division to be able to fractionalize the recycled asphalt product into a variety of sizes to better meet the industry’s needs and to expand its offering.

Thompson Recycle Company credits its success to a focus on meeting customers’ needs without exception or excuse that was learned from Robert Thompson, Thompson-McCully’s founder and father of company president John Thompson.

Our plants have logged more than 1,200 moves and recycled more than 30 million tons of asphalt.


John H. Thompson

Owner & President


It is fair to say that John literally grew up in the road construction industry. His family owned Thompson-McCully Company, the largest asphalt paving enterprise in Michigan. Following time spent in the military, John worked at a variety of positions from laborer to equipment operator to foreman, learning the asphalt materials business from the inside out.


In 1999, he was ready to take his experience and strike out in a business of his own, Thompson Recycle Company, which had started as a division of Thompson-McCully four years earlier. The two decades since have seen the company grow from one mobile processing plant to several, making John’s days even busier. John attributes the company’s success to the focus on meeting customers’ needs without exception or excuse that he learned early in his career at Thompson-McCully under his father Robert Thompson’s leadership.

Joshua Ott

Operations Manager


Josh is responsible for oversight of the plants that recycle both concrete and asphalt. He works with Sonny to keep equipment working smoothly and production humming along. He recently has had “drone operator” added to his job duties as he assesses tonnage at upcoming job sites.

Lynne Evans

Office Manager

With a background in marketing and project management, heavy equipment definitely is not in Lynne’s wheelhouse. She joined the company in 2017 and has brought her project skills to improving office process and function. She is responsible for HR and office staff for Thompson Recycle Company. And she is proud that she now knows the difference between a loader and an excavator.

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